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Stone Harbor, NJ is a great place for fishing, boating and enjoying other water sports on the east coast of the United States. All right, so you live nearby and you’ve found a place to spend a weekend or more with your family or friends. The problem with traveling long distances is hefting large amounts of stuff with you. It is bad enough packing clothes, some food and drink for the trip, and the other necessities; for some of us there might not be enough room left for something like a boat, or some fishing gear. Stone Harbor gear rentals are all over the place to loan you boats, rods, gear and more, to help you enjoy your vacation without hauling hundreds or thousands of pounds of equipment from home to the site, then back home.

When you go to Stone Harbor, NJ, you will, perhaps, be looking to rent a boat or some gear. You will certainly be looking for a hotel, condo or beach house, though, and those are all easy to find Stone Harbor rentals. As you move closer to the water you can expect to pay more for house or condo rentals. The best views and shortest distances cost big bucks. For example, consider a beautiful house with room for 6, just two blocks from the beach. At $1,200 per week plus the refundable deposit, you have to come up with $2,400 just to sit on the fringe. To be even closer, you could stay at 248 88th Street, one of many homes owned and leased by Diller and Fisher Realtors, a local leasing company. You would pay a whopping $2,000 per week plus your deposit to be marginally closer to the beach.

Maybe you’re not going to NJ alone though, or at least not in a small group. There is at least one specialty, group vacation destination in New Jersey called Laughlin House. It is specifically for large groups numbering 15 or more people, so you can expect some deep discounts on nightly rates though you must come with enough people to get those discounts. With very affordable rates of as low as $19/night up to $45/night per person, you can invite your friends, family members and maybe even people you haven’t talked to in a while. While you will all pay an ultimate amount comparable to the above weekly rates if you stay a week at the Laughlin House, you get so much more. How about a house big enough to actually accommodate up to 30 people? However you go about it, a quality Stone Harbor vacation rental doesn’t have to break your bank. Specifically, if you go with another 14 people, you can all pay just a fraction of what you would have paid to go to the same destination alone. With all these points in mind, don’t forget New Jersey is also very close to a number of other states! You can use your Stone harbor rental apartment or condo as a base of operations while you tour the Northeast United States, better known as New England.

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