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Culver City Hotel - The Best Culver City Hotels

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Culver City is located in west Los Angeles County, California. The city enjoys a rich cultural heritage and is best known for its film and TV production. All time favorite classics like Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind and I Love Lucy were shot here. The city boasts of a small town life while having all the amenities of any big city. If you are planning to visit, you have a lot of options for stay since hotels in Culver City include some of the best hotels in the country.

During the 1800s, the area that is now the city was largely inhabited by Native Americans. The city was actually founded by Harry Culver, a real estate agent who sold tract homes to the incoming population from the Midwest. However, by the 1930s, the city started attracting more people after Metro Goldwyn Mayer built film studios. Culver City streets reflect its rich cinematic past, with names like Pickford and Fairbanks.

Whether you are visiting the city for travel or work, there are a lot of hotels available. But, if you really want to experience the city’s past, don’t miss staying at the Culver Hotel. The hotel was built in 1924 and is considered a landmark. The hotel was built by Charlie Chaplin and Harry Culver, but legend has it that Chaplin sold the hotel to John Wayne for a dollar during a poker game. John Wayne owned it for several years before donating it to the YMCA.

The hotel served as the accommodation for the most of the cast of Wizard of Oz. If you enjoy old architecture, Culver Hotel is perfect. Rooms start at $89 and go up to $299 for the John Wayne presidential suite.

Other hotels in the city include the fairly modern Courtyard by Marriott and Radisson. Both the hotels were built recently and while they don’t offer the charm of Culver Hotel, they boast of a large number of rooms and good conference facilities. Unlike the Culver Hotel, both Courtyard and Radisson have a fitness center and a pool. Rates for both hotels start at approximately $130 a night. These types of nationally-known chain hotels are popular among business travellers in Culver City.

Typically, most guests do not like eating at hotels because of the overpriced menus. The city has some very good restaurants to fit any budget. If you are staying at the Culver hotel, don’t forget to visit the iconic Jazz Bakery, which is not a bakery but a nonprofit community for cultivation and preservation of jazz music.

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