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West Virginia Rafting - West Virginia Rafting Adventures - West Virginia rafting on the Gauley River

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If you enjoy rafting, West Virginia is the place to be. There are almost 2,000 miles of mountain streams in the Appalachian mountains, which makes West Virginia rafting an experience any adventure seeker will love. Whitewater rafting is big business in West Virginia because of how many mountain rivers there are, and the various rafting companies operate mostly on the three most popular rivers in West Virginia.

West Virginia rafting on the Gauley River

In the southern part of the state, the Gauley River stretches for 26 miles, turning into the Gauley Rapids, which holds some of the most challenging whitewater that’s currently run commercially. The highlight of the rafting season on the Gauley river is after the official dam release dates when the water is at its wildest. The Gauley River is best kept for more experienced rafters because over half of the rapids in it are major, and several are Class V or over. Class V is labeled as an expert rafting run with hardcore rapids. In fact, many commercial rafting companies don’t even offer runs on Class V rapids. However, many rafting companies do operate on the Gauley River, so experienced rafters who aren’t yet at the expert level shouldn’t just write off the Gauley River completely.

West Virginia rafting on the New River

The New River is the oldest river in the Western Hemisphere, and it runs from North Carolina into Virginia and West Virginia. Many rafters choose the New River for its breathtaking views of the New River Gorge, which some say is the “Grand Canyon of the East”.

The New River is divided into three sections. The upper part of the river is where travelers will find all the fishing and leisure boats. The middle part of the New River has several rapids that are classified in the Class II and III ranges, so it’s perfect for people who are just learning how to raft. The lower part of the New River is perfect for rafters who are a bit more experienced, and the rapids there run from Class II up to Class V.

West Virginia rafting on the Cheat River

In the northern part of the state, the Cheat River is quite a bit more remote than the other two rivers. This is why it may be more difficult to find a commercial rafting company that operates on the Cheat River, but experienced rafters enjoy it, nonetheless. One thing to remember about the Cheat River is that conditions on it change at the drop of a hat, so it’s recommended that only very experienced rafters try their paddles at the Cheat. The river offers more than 30 rapids of varying degrees of difficulty from Class II to Class V. Very experienced rafters will especially want to try the Cheat River in the spring when the snows are melting and creating even wilder whitewater. April through June are the best times to raft the Cheat.

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