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St Francis Hotel San Francisco - What's So Special About San Francisco's St. Francis Hotel?

A Luxurious Landmark Hotel

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Near the heart of the city on Union Square, The St. Francis Hotel San Francisco resides in all its splendor and glory, only 12 miles from the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The history of this luxurious hotel dates back to the early 1900s when the Charles Crocker family envisioned bringing Paris to California. They hoped to make Union Square a “little Paris,” and the plan was for the hotel to be the beginning. It took two years to build the hotel and on March 21, 1904 the grand opening was held of The St. Francis Hotel San Francisco. The cost of the project was estimated at $2.5 million dollars! The hotel had to close after the Great Earthquake of 1906 which destroyed a great many of the original rooms due to fire. The St Francis Hotel San Francisco was back opened in 1907 with additional rooms numbered at 450.

There is a tradition at The St Francis Hotel San Francisco that has stood the test of time. In 1907 after the renovations from the Great Earthquake, a Magneta Grandfather Clock was placed in the lobby as the master clock of all the others in the hotel. Over the years it has become the meeting place of people for many generations. “I’ll meet you at the clock!” echoes throughout the hotel. The Magneta Grandfather Clock has become a landmark of The St Francis Hotel San Francisco and the point of reference for locals and guests to reunite after a busy day.

The accommodations are impeccable with the classic feel of history and the comfort of modern convenience. If you stay in the Historic Main Building, you will love the richness of the rooms and the high ceilings that whisper the names of all those from the past who have enjoyed its magnificence. You can reserve a room or a suite in the Tower as well. These rooms are more modern with skyline views of the city and the signature Heavenly Beds that can lull even the most troublesome sleeper into a world of dreams. On the average, regular room rates are approximately $150 to $170 per night.

During your stay, you must lose yourself in the luxury of The St Francis San Francisco Hotel Day Spa. A favorite among guests and locals, this spa features an Eternity Essential Oil Wrap and Pacific Sea Salt Glow as well as therapeutic massages, body treatments and skincare services. It is a day to completely treat your body to a variety of services that you will not soon forget.

The St Francis San Francisco Hotel received the California Preservation Foundation’s 1998 Design Award. The hotel is located at 335 Powell Street, (415) 774-0357. If you are planning a trip to the area, The St Francis Hotel San Francisco is a perfect retreat for you and your family to stay in a place rich in history and preserved for a new generation to love and enjoy.

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