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New York Theater Tickets - Finding Discount New York Theater Tickets - Taking Advantage of Off Broadway Shows

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New York is a dream vacation destination. If you are planning to visit the Big Apple but feel you cannot afford to spend a night watching a great play or musical, think again. There are several options available for affordable New York theater tickets, thus making them obtainable for every income. New York is known for its great plays and musicals and with a little help you can catch a few shows on your next visit.

Taking Advantage of Off Broadway Shows

Broadway is known for the extravagance of its shows and musicals. It is also known for the high prices for its tickets. When visiting New York, take advantage of the hundreds of off-Broadway shows which are available. When you take advantage of one of these shows, you will get a great play with some of the same top stars that are on Broadway at a greatly reduced price.

Many off-Broadway plays are in their beginning phases and vying for a spot on Broadway. The shows are sometimes as good as Broadway shows, but the prices are much lower. Thus, you may be able to see several off-Broadway shows during your trip, for the price of a single Broadway musical.

Save Money on Broadway Tickets with Student Seating Options

Student seating is available in all venues on Broadway. Many times, the seats give an obstructed view of the stage. However, you can drastically save on your admittance when you choose this option. To take advantage of student seating, you need to show a valid student ID when purchasing the tickets. Student tickets are sold a few hours prior to the show and you can obtain tickets for up to sixty percent off the going rate.

Winning the Lottery with Rush Tickets

Another option for discounted, or in some cases free, tickets is to take advantage of the ticket lottery. Also known as the rush ticket, these tickets are available a few hours prior to the show. When shows have additional seating prior to the show, the remaining tickets are sold to the public right before the show for as little at $25 – $50 per ticket. Many times, there are great seats available in the lottery. The reason they are sold at a discounted price is so the production will have a full house.

Half-Price New York Theater Tickets with HPTX

Another great way to experience the excitement of Broadway with discount tickets is to take advantage of the HPTX booths. There are three ticket booths set up throughout New York, and each offers half price tickets. Check the posting near the booth to see exactly what tickets are being sold each day. The Half Price Ticket Booths are open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Stop by a booth on one of those days so you can get a discounted ticket.

With a little time and resourcefulness, you can see one of the top Broadway or off-Broadway plays on your next visit to New York. You don’t have to go over your budget to have an amazing time watching plays in New York.

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