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Disney World Discount Tickets - How to Get Disney World Discount Tickets - How to Get Disney World Discount Tickets

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Buying discount tickets for Disney World is a quick process that can save you a few dollars on an already expensive trip.

First and foremost, understand that you’re not saving a fortune. Savings range from $1-$50 per ticket, the exact amount of savings determined more by the length of your trip than how much effort you put into finding them. Even though the savings are slim, there is no good reason not to save this money. These discount ticket retailers have special contracts with Disney where they buy tickets bulk and sell them at a mutually beneficial discount to customers.

Second, don’t even bother looking if you’re only going for a single day. Some websites don’t even list single-day tickets, while others list them just in case a consumer feels the need to buy them through their website rather than at the gate. Often, the “discount” single-day ticket is more expensive than the gate price, and at best you will save $1 for the hour it took you to find them.

To actually save money on Disney World discount tickets, you will need to be buying at least a three-day ticket. The nice thing about these tickets in particular is that most of them offer a “free” (that is, no charge for switching to a more expensive ticket) upgrade to five days if you’ve decided that you want to spend more time in the area. Past that, the prices move in small increments like gas station soda—that is, you can double the size for a small percent more. The gate price for a 7-day ticket, for example, is only $15 more than the 3-day.

To ease you in your search, let’s look at the top five Disney World discount ticket sellers on the web. The sample rates are listed at the 3-day and 7-day levels, with the current gate price as a standard for comparison. Note that this gate price is different from the one listed on <a href = “http://tickets.disney.go.com”>Disney’s ticket site—this is because Disney does not factor in their 6.5% sales tax until after you’ve made your selection.

Provider 3-Day Adult Ticket 3-Day Child Ticket 7-Day Adult Ticket 7-Day Child Ticket
Gate Price $233.24 $199.16 $249.21 $214.07
Mapleleaf Tickets $232.00 $198.00 $244.00 $209.00
DW Tickets $219.00 $187.00 $229.00 $196.50
Great Orlando Discounts $241.27 $209.34 $334.23 $303.24
Official Ticket Center $232.00 $198.00 $244.00 $209.00
Orlando Fun Tickets $217.50 $185.80 $229.00 $196.50

As you can see, two sites—DW Tickets and Orlando Fun Tickets—have secured the contracts to sell Disney World tickets at the highest discount. Beyond the nuances of their customer service departments, there are no other distinguishing factors between the tickets they sell and the tickets you can buy direct from Disney. Note also that this is not an exhaustive list—if you’re not buying a base 3-day or 7-day ticket, then you may want to do further comparisons of your own.

In the meantime, don’t get scammed. Disney World tickets are expensive, and no one can afford to offer them for much lower than the prices listed here. As always, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

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