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Naples Car Rental - Renting a Car in Naples, FL - Naples car rental companies located inside the airport

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Renting a car while on vacation gives travelers total freedom to enjoy any part of the city they want to, although finding a Naples car rental right after stepping off an airplane can be a bit difficult. It’s really not a bad idea to call ahead and book a car rental at the airport, but here’s a quick rundown of many of the available options in the city of Naples, Florida.

Naples car rental companies located inside the airport

Of course the easiest way to rent a car is to get one at the airport, although travelers will sometimes end up paying premium prices for the convenience, especially if they didn’t book before their plane landed. It’s important to remember that the Naples, Florida airport is just a small municipal airport, which means that car rental options located inside the airport are very limited.

There are five car rental companies that can be found inside the Naples airport. Avis Rent A Car can be reached at 239-643-4013, and Enterprise Rent A Car can be reached at 239-649-0666. National Car Rental’s phone number is 239-403-3931, and Thrifty Car Rental Dollar Rent A Car can be reached at 239-213-1671 or 239-213-1400. The phone number for Hertz Rent A Car is 239-643-1515.

All of the car rental companies that are located inside the Naples airport are large, national companies that service many airports around the country, so the best choice is simply to choose the company you are the most familiar with.

Naples car rental companies outside the airport

For Naples residents or travelers who don’t need to rent a car at the airport, there are a few other car rental companies that are located not far from the airport. This will help avoid paying premium airport prices. One company that gets pretty good consumer reviews is Affordable Car Rental & Services on Davis Boulevard. This company is a small, locally owned car rental company, which means they do tend to give very personal service and good treatment to their customers. Affordable Car Rental can be reached at 239-775-6500

Those who want to rent a car just to have a little fun will definitely want to check out Exotic Car Rental and Prestige Luxury Rental on 9th Street in Naples. This car rental company is all about very premium rentals like very expensive sports cars. The company claims to have helped celebrities, musicians, athletes, and corporate leaders find the perfect exotic car to rent. Exotic Car Rental and Prestige Luxury Rental can be reached at 888-513-9711

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