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Walt Disney World Map - Using a Walt Disney World Map

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Walt Disney World consists of four parks, each with its own theme. Each park has its own Walt Disney World map that makes it easy to find rides, live attractions, character appearances, restaurants, stores and other features of each park.

Each Disney World park is divided into different, themed sections. Each section is presented in a different color on each Walt Disney World map in order to make it easy to find specific attractions. A themed area, such as Fantasyland in The Magic Kingdom, is given its own section on the park map. Each map section has each of its rides and shows numbered. To the left side of the map is the description of each map number and what attraction visitors can find at that location.

Walt Disney World maps also have a key for the map symbols that appear in each section of the park. These include photo areas where cast members are available to take photos of visitors, restaurants, restrooms and ATMs. Disney maps can be used to plan an entire day’s activities, with eating breaks scheduled around a group’s favorite rides and shows.

Some visitors mark each attraction on their Disney park map once they have experienced it to ensure that they see everything possible while visiting the park. Another option is to mark the items that you want to see while visiting the park and then to note which of your preferred attractions are near each other in order to reduce travel time between them. This enables more time to be spent on the attractions and less time spent on walking from one section of the park to the next.

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