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Disney Park Hopper Tickets - Disney Park Hopper Tickets for Disneyland or Disney World

disney hopper tickets

Visitors who are planning multi-day trips to Disney Parks in either Florida or California can save a significant amount of money by purchasing Disney Park Hopper tickets. The ticket offerings are different at the east and west coast parks.

Disney has two attractions in Anaheim, California. These are Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure. All Disney Hopper Tickets to the two California parks allow guests to visit both parks on the same day or different parks on alternate days. The Disney Hopper tickets can be purchased for three, four, five or six days of admission.

When purchased in advance, each ticket allows the holder one day of early admission to one of the two California parks. This is a good opportunity to beat the lines for popular rides. The early admission opportunity is not offered every day, so be sure to check availability before finalizing your plans.

As of June 2010, Disney Park Hopper tickets cost $20 to $45 less than purchasing individual tickets to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. Savings for a family of four range from $80 for three day passes to $180 for six day passes. Disney also offers promotions at various times of the year where Disney Park Hopper tickets are available at substantial discounts. For example, a five day Park Hopper ticket may be offered for the normal price of a three day Disney Hopper ticket. Disney reserves the right to adjust prices and change the details of their ticket offerings so prices and ticket benefits may vary.

For Disney’s Florida attractions, Park Hopper is an option that is offered on the “Magic Your Way” tickets. Standard “Magic” tickets can be purchased for time frames of one to ten days. They allow visitors to enjoy one Disney theme park each day. The Disney Park Hopper option allows admission to the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot Disney parks. Park Hopper ticket holders can attend one or more of these attractions on each day that their Disney Hopper tickets are valid.

The seven day Park Hopper option adds $7.43 per day to the cost of the “Magic Your Way” ticket. The added cost is less for eight, nine and ten day tickets. However, the price is substantially higher for shorter visits. A two day Park Hopper ticket will cost $26 per day more than the standard “Magic” ticket and a four day “Hopper” option will add $13 per day. So, visitors to Disney’s Florida parks can save money by planning their trips to visit one park per day.

Unless a special ticket is purchased, most Disney Park Hopper Tickets have expiration dates. Be aware of these dates so you don’t lose the value of your tickets.

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