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Cruises From Ny - Why Cruises from NY Are Popular

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Cruise lines have greatly increased the number of cruises available from east coast ports other than Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. This customer-friendly action has resulted in there being many more cruises from NY now than there were in the past.

New York is the embarkation port of choice for millions of people because of:

1. Location: New York is a convenient destination for the great mass of people who live in the northeast. It does not require a plane trip to get there.

2. Cost: The overall cost for a trip that includes a cruise will be less for many from this location.

3. Fun Factor: What could be more fun than a few days spent in this great city before or after a cruise? Sailing out of New York harbor, past the Statue of Liberty, and then returning before sunrise, when the lights of skyscrapers shine brightly, is a rare experience.

There are several great destinations to choose from on a cruise from NY. Choices include:

1. Canada and New England: These destinations are popular, especially in autumn. Cruise ships dock at numerous different ports, including Quebec City, Montreal, Halifax, Prince Edward Island, Newport and Bar Harbor. For those who have not traveled extensively in this area, a cruise to Canada and New England is a wonderful choice.

2. Bermuda: This incredibly beautiful island is a unique destination in that cruise ships go there and stay docked for three or four days. This allows sufficient time to really see and get acquainted with the island. One of the greatest bargains to be found is the two or three day bus pass. It entitles the buyer to ride both buses and ferries wherever and as often as the person cares to during the days the pass is valid. Bermuda is a favorite destination for those who go on a cruise from NY.

3. The Caribbean and the Bahamas: These cruises go to the same ports that cruises departing from Florida ports visit. The main difference is a cruise from NY will usually last two or three days longer because of the added distance from the port of embarkation. The extra days at sea are a great benefit to those cruising, because the time spent on shipboard is relaxing and fun at the same time. People enjoy having more opportunities to visit the dining room and take part in shipboard activities.

4. Atlantic Crossings and Repositioning Cruises: Today, just like two and three generations ago, crossing the Atlantic by ship is a glamorous and fun-filled way to travel. Repositioning cruises usually have the added benefit of being less expensive than a regular type cruise.

Regardless of the destination you choose, a cruise from NY offers a great bargain for your vacation.

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