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Hidden Valley Ski Resort - What Makes Hidden Valley Ski Resort So Popular?

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You will find the Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Southwestern Pennsylvania in the picturesque Laurel Highlands area. It is conveniently located on Route 31 and is easily accessible from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It is a bit smaller than most ski resorts, but many who have visited this quaint, little resort have been impressed with what the location has to offer, making it one of the most visited family ski resorts in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Hidden Valley Ski Resort is the fifth largest ski resort in the state of Pennsylvania. It offers more than 100 acres of snow that can be enjoyed by skiers of all levels. This is why Hidden Valley has become a popular choice among people looking to get away for a few days of skiing. The location offers a diverse mix of advanced, intermediate, and beginner courses that cater to all different levels of skiers. They also offer a ski school program for kids, meaning Hidden Valley is a getaway that the entire family can enjoy.

Most ski resorts only feature a small area that novice skiers are usually confined to. This is not the case at Hidden Valley Ski Resort. Whether skiing on the Valley slope or the North Summit, there is a wide array of trails from the top of the mountain to the bottom for advanced, intermediate, and novice skiers alike. While there are resorts that may present more difficult runs for expert skiers, Hidden Valley’s advanced runs are still challenging and fun enough to keep skiers coming back again and again.

Some of the top features of Hidden Valley Ski Resort are its Outback Park, great cross country skiing, and its kids program. Outback Park is a winter wonderland for skiers. It is a place where people can partake in night tubing, check out a snow igloo, or experience the fun of the resorts six to eight turbo chutes. It also features two lifts and a children’s playground that includes what is known as “The Ice Monster”, which is the steepest and longest snowtubing run in Pennsylvania. For those who enjoy cross country skiing, Hidden Valley offers 30 miles of cross country trails that cross over the resort and surrounding area. The kids program features learn-to-ski programs and organized outdoor activities for children of age 3 and up.

Not only do skiers of all experience levels enjoy skiing here, but there are also a number of other activities people can participate in at Hidden Valley Ski Resort. The resort also offers a half pipe, terrain park, snowtubing, and snowboarding, making the activities here just as diverse as the trails you will find here.

Hidden Valley Ski Resort includes 9 lifts: 4 surface/handle tow, 1 double, 2 quads, and 2 triples. There are 28 slopes or trails, with about 25 percent of them being advanced trails and the remainder either being intermediate or beginner trails. It also offers equipment rentals, ski school, and night skiing on 80 percent of the resort.

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