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destin beach fl

If you are looking for a dream vacation on Florida’s Emerald Coast, consider Destin Beach. A beautiful ocean-side city, Destin offers an amazing variety of vacation choices.

Originally a fishing village, Destin is now a world class destination with beautiful white sand beaches and emerald green water. The city has retained its fishing heritage and is a popular destination for sport fishermen. The waters off the coast of Destin are home to more than 20 species of edible game fish and it’s easy to find charter fishing boats if you want to try your luck in the water.

Destin is known for the quality of its white sand beaches, which are some of the whitest in the world. The sand is made from Appalachian quartz, is as soft as powder, and Destin boasts 24 miles of beautiful beachfront for you to enjoy.

Water sports are a popular pastime and the emerald waters around Destin provide the perfect environment for snorkeling, canoeing, tubing, kayaking and scuba diving. There is an abundance of dolphins in this part of Florida and there is no shortage of opportunities to view them. There are numerous types of pleasure boats for rent as well as charter cruises available day and night. Sea turtles are often spotted here as well. Between April and November, hundreds of sea turtles will come ashore to lay eggs.

While in Destin, one thing you will not lack for is delicious food. The restaurants here have some of the freshest and largest varieties of seafood on the Gulf of Mexico. If you have a taste for something other than seafood, Destin offers both casual and upscale dining, as well as a variety of other restaurants.

Destin beaches have been voted the safest in the country, and they take pride in being able to provide both a fun and safe experience for all visitors. It’s definitely a great place to visit!

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