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Cheap Flights To Scotland - How To Score Cheap Flights To Scotland

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If you are planning a trip to Scotland but you are on a budget, one of the easiest ways to save money is to find a cheap flight. Your flight is one of the biggest expenses of any trip. Save money on your flight, and you will have more money to spend once you arrive in Scotland. Here are some ways that you can save money on your flight to Scotland.

The easiest way to save money on a flight to Scotland is to compare rates from as many airlines as possible. Look for a website that compares the fares of many different airlines. However, not every airline allows their fares to be publicized on these fare aggregation sites. It does not hurt to check the official website of several airlines as well.

If you have a friend or family member who works for an international airline, ask them if they can get you a stand-by flight voucher. Many airlines allow their employees to give out buddy passes to friends. These buddy passes let the friends and family of airline employees fly stand-by on flights for free. This means that if the flight is sold out, the pass user will need to wait for a flight with empty seats. Even if your friend wants a favor or a token payment in return for the stand-by voucher, you could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Usually airlines limit the number of vouchers that their employees are allowed to give out. If you think you might know someone who will give you a voucher, be sure to ask far in advance. That way, they will not have already promised their flight voucher to someone else. Getting a voucher is a good option if your schedule is flexible. If you use a flight coupon as a way to get a cheap flight ticket to Scotland, you might need to wait in the airport for some time until a seat becomes available. If you need to get right back to work or school after your trip, however, you might want to just purchase a regular ticket.

Just because you do not know someone who works for an airline does not mean you need to pay full fare for a ticket. Sometimes credit cards offer a free flight for just opening an account. For example, the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Visa card gives users a free domestic flight after making their first purchase. If you do not live near an international airport, you can use this free ticket to reduce your total fare cost. You will only need to pay for the leg of the flight that goes to Scotland. The Chase Sapphire Rewards card also gives users a free domestic flight after they charge three thousand dollars to the card. If you qualify for the credit card, you could open the account, charge your accommodations and other travel expenses to the card, and then book your free flight to your connecting airport. If you pay the balance on your card immediately after making a purchase, you will usually not be charged any interest on the transaction. Be sure that you fully understand the payment structure and interest rates of any credit card before you open an account.

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