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If you are planning on taking a charter bus somewhere, you might be dreading the experience. Bus travel can be cheap, but it can be slow. For some people, being stuck in a crowded bus for an entire afternoon can be annoying. However, many charter bus companies transport passengers in new, luxury buses. Greyhound, for example, has recently modernized its entire fleet. Greyhound’s new buses offer plenty of leg room and are quite comfortable. Some even have televisions so that you will be entertained on your trip. CoachUSA offers cheaper bus trips than Greyhound, but their buses are usually not quite as nice. Coach America is a charter bus company that promises to beat the fares of its competitors, making it a great option if they offer the bus route you need. Even if you do not end up on a modern and comfortable bus, there are several ways that you can make any bus trip much more enjoyable.

Make sure you bring plenty of activities to keep yourself occupied. If you are going on a long ride on a charter bus, it is likely that you will get bored. Bring a book to read or an mp3 player so that you can listen to music. You should try to bring a variety of activities. If you only bring a magazine, you might finish it quickly and then have nothing to do for the rest of your charter bus ride. Small sewing or knitting projects can make the miles fly by if you enjoy making crafts.

If you are a social person, make friends with others on the bus. Your seat mate might have some fascinating stories to share with you. Ask the person sitting next to you questions. Most people love talking about themselves. If your seat mate is not interested in talking to you, you could try talking with others around you. However, if someone does not seem eager for a conversation, you should respect their wishes. They might be tired, and they might just want to try to take a nap. Usually, you can find someone close to you who is eager to make time pass faster with a little small talk.

Introverts should make sure that they have a way to block out the noises of the bus. If you do not like listening to music, earplugs can give you a way to escape from the conversations of others. Earplugs can also be useful if you want to take a nap on the bus. If daylight prevents you from sleeping, consider packing an eye mask. A bus ride with a charter bus company can be over quickly if you can find a way to sleep through most of it.

Finally, everyone traveling by bus should bring a small snack. If you are hungry, you are going to get annoyed with something. A granola bar or a piece of fruit can help keep you in a good mood during your travels. Then, when your bus ride ends and you arrive at your destination, you will be alert and ready to see the sights.

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