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Las Vegas Nv Travel - Things to Know When Traveling to Las Vegas

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Elvis didn’t sing about Las Vegas as the “bright light city” for no reason. Twenty-four hours a day the lights are up and there is something to do. But if you’ve never traveled to Las Vegas before, there are things to keep in mind that can make your experience even better than you imagined.

First of all, you should stay in the center of the Strip. There are hotels all along Las Vegas Blvd., but if you stay on either end of the Strip and want to explore, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of money on taxis. Taxis in Vegas are fairly expensive. It is more economical to pay an extra $50 – $100 for the weekend to stay at Treasure Island or Planet Hollywood – somewhere in the middle – than to pay a cheaper rate but find yourself spending money on cabs going to and from your destinations.

If you love the heat, then summer is the best time to travel to Las Vegas. It averages in the 90s and even higher during the spring summer months. Almost all the hotels have pools for you to lay by, swim in, and enjoy. Smaller hotels might not have a pool, but likely will allow you access to a pool at a nearby location. Otherwise, the climate is mild in the winter with the lows never dropping below freezing.

If gambling doesn’t strike your fancy, no problem! Las Vegas is known for it’s variety of shows that people from all around the world come to see. Whether it’s a concert, Cirque du Soleil or a comedy show, you will find something that’s right for you.

Another reason to travel to Las Vegas is for the food. With many high-end restaurants and any variety of cuisine, it is a foodie’s dream spot. Be sure to book reservations though, especially for the higher-end more popular restaurants. It’s a good way to avoid the Vegas lines!

No matter what your interest: pools, food, games or shows, Las Vegas has it all! Visit vegas.com to get the best vacation packages and deals.

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