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Helicopter Grand Canyon - Helicopter Tours of the Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon is an awesome place to visit. Its beauty, vast size, history that goes back for many millennia, the mighty Colorado River and so much more make it a place that should not be missed. Each year, an average of 4.7 million visitors journey to this special site. There are many vantage points from which to view its wonders. Each strategic location offers a unique perspective from which to see this natural wonder. Some people even hike or ride a mule into the depths of this canyon or go out on the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Out of all the different places from which the canyon can be seen, perhaps the clearest, most comprehensive viewing can be done on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. There are numerous choices to consider in selecting a helicopter tour. Both the amount of time spent touring and the cost can vary widely. Whichever tour is chosen will provide a special treat. Some tours originate in Las Vegas, while others start at the canyon.

Some flights could be described as even more of a premium experience than others. These would include:

1. A popular tour is a 6- to 6½-hour tour that departs from Las Vegas and includes not only a flight over the canyon but also a pontoon boat ride on the Colorado River and a visit to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

2. Another popular choice is flights that land in the bottom of the canyon for a light picnic lunch. These excursions, like all of them from Las Vegas, also fly over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Going to the bottom of the canyon is the most often mentioned highlight of many of these flights.

3. A third popular flight from Las Vegas, especially for those pressed for time, is a tour that spends an hour in the air and has the passengers back at their hotel in 3½ hours.

While some people prefer to fly from Las Vegas for their helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, many others choose to start their flight at the canyon itself. These flights tend to last for about 25 to 50 minutes spent in the air. They tend to follow the same basic flight plan. The longer ones take tourists over additional areas that include the Navajo Indian Reservation, the more secluded north rim of the canyon, the east rim of the canyon and the Kaibab National Forest.

Taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon has distinct advantages:

1. A person will see far more from a helicopter than in any other way.

2. Many people are unable to do strenuous sightseeing because of age or physical limitations. Being on an aircraft eliminates physical stress.

3. Taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon requires very little time. For those with time restraints while attending a conference in Las Vegas, a tour by air is a real benefit.

Why not include a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon in your next vacation?

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