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Atlantic City Casino Hotels - Place a Solid Bet on Atlantic City

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Pass Go and collect $200. Then take the cash and head to an Atlantic City casino. It will be a short trip.

That’s because the original idea for the Monopoly board game evolved from the famous Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Atlantic City casino industry did not have a role in the area until 1976 when the voters approved legalized gambling to jolt the economy.

The first Atlantic City casino hotel was a revamped hotel known as Resorts International. Its grand opening in 1978 marked the beginning of legalized gambling in the eastern United States. From familiar names to the trendy new comers, Atlantic City currently offers 11 casinos for visitors interested in gambling. Since the inception of gambling, Atlantic City Casinos have suffered the same woes as Las Vegas casinos as factors from crime and the economy have caused many high and lows.

In competition with the lavish theme of a Las Vegas casino, the Atlantic City casino was pressed to offer more amenities to lure Vegas patrons to the east coast. One special billing was the headline attraction of boxer Mike Tyson during the 80s. Another name drawing visitors, Donald Trump, still is instrumental in attracting people to the city. Adding to the modern-day splendor of Trump’s luxury venue of the Taj Mahal hotel and casino, historic hotels offer a contrast of interest.

Atlantic City, New Jersey casinos are only one attraction in the area for tourists. Other attractions feature historic and natural treasures. One man-made wonder is the famous Boardwalk built over a sandy beach boasting a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. Built in 1870, the original Boardwalk was intended to help keep sand from tracking into local hotels. Over 7 miles long before part of it was destroyed by a hurricane, the Atlantic City Boardwalk combines with Ventnor City to provide a 40 foot wide, 4 and a half mile long Boardwalk for today’s visitors. The Boardwalk is also famous for providing a world class shopping experience. After strolling down Boardwalk and browsing the shops, visitors often end up at their favorite Atlantic City resorts casino.

For those interested in gambling or simply unwinding, an Atlantic City resorts casino offers up an array of amenities. For those interested in the history of the Monopoly board game, that’s another trip to the same great beach.

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