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Ohare Airport Parking - Tips on Parking at Chicago's Ohare Airport

chicago ohare international airport

Chicago Ohare International Airport ranks as the fourth busiest airport in the world. Located in the northwest corner of Chicago, Ohare offers over 100 parking options with several private companies and hotels getting in on the Ohare Airport parking action.

Considering the huge size of Chicago Ohare International Airport, it provides extremely efficient parking options. Ohare Airport parking ranges from about $7.50 a day in economy lots to roughly $46 a day in terminal parking ramps. Due to the sheer size of Ohare, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Reserve a parking spot or know exactly where you plan to park. Map out the route and know where you are going. Once you are caught up in heavy airport traffic it’s too late to change your mind about your destination.

Ohare Airport parking does not need to be a source of confusion. For long-term parking, the process is quite smooth as long as have good directions and plan carefully. The long-term parking lots are economical, efficient and safe. Once you arrive at the parking lot, simply go to a covered waiting area and pick up the phone. The ATS (Airport Transit System) provides a free shuttle bus to deliver you to another lot where you can board the Metra taking you directly to your terminal. Parking in economy, grabbing a bus and then riding the train doesn’t cost anything (except a tip to the bus driver) and delivers you to Chicago Ohare International Airport as quickly as most other services. Once you are in a terminal is another matter. Lines inside terminals are often lengthy and require long periods of waiting to get through security.

Many Ohare Airport parking alternatives are available at a higher price. Some might be quicker than the economy lot option. For example, valet parking is offered as well as parking in ramps across from the terminals. If premium rates are not a concern, those choices might get you inside quicker. It is also possible you might get stuck in heavy traffic as passengers from economy lots race past you on the Metra. If you expect special amenities then you should expect to pay a premium price. Ohare Airport parking can end up costing passengers hundreds of dollars compared to about $50 for a week-long parking spot in economy.

Chicago Ohare International Airport is a major hub for international traffic. It is also the hub for American Airlines and United Airlines. Keep telling yourself that Chicago Ohare International Airport is big and busy. The airport offers about anything a consumer might need. But, don’t expect to go on the cheap and get by at this airport. Bigger might mean better but, in this case, it also means bigger bucks.

Once you get close to Chicago Ohare International Airport, signs are posted with radio call letters to assist with parking options, traffic updates and general information. Passengers can call (773)686-7530 for additional Ohare Airport parking information.

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