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Aruba Travel Deals - Tips on Aruba Travel Deals

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Bonbini! Smile when you hear the word welcoming you to Aruba. Choosing to travel to the popular tiny Caribbean Island is an easy choice. Choosing Aruba travel deals might be another story. For starters, decide if you want to fly to the island or take a cruise.

By ship or plane?
For visitors who fly to Aruba, travel deals all land at AUA (Queen Beatrix International Airport). The island’s only airport is served by 25 airlines with daily flights. Cruises are available for travel to multiple destinations including Aruba. Several cruise lines book an array of island vacations. For travelers seeking a quick getaway to Aruba or for those looking for an extended vacation, a variety of amenities and prices to match are available for Aruba travel deals. Each traveler can choose the travel deal best suited to individual needs.

Go all-inclusive or not all-inclusive?
Another big decision in choosing Aruba travel deals best suited to the needs of each traveler is the question of all-inclusive trips. Unless you are a seasoned traveler and a veteran visitor to Aruba, you might opt for the all-inclusive price. There are pros and cons for all-inclusive. A few of the cons involve being restricted to one area for dining choices or paying extra money when you don’t eat or drink enough to match the extra cost of the all-inclusive price. Those are valid points. For the most part, the best Aruba travel deals are the all-inclusive trips. Unless a traveler knows the island and where to travel for dining and recreation, the food and fun scheduled at the home resort will more than meet expectations. In addition, unless a visitor plans to consumer only water during the vacation, beverages—nonalcoholic or otherwise, cost from $5-$10 each. Shelling out 10 bucks for each cocktail during happy hour and dinner makes the all-inclusion option look like a great choice.

Like any other travel decision, do some research and ask questions. You might think you found the greatest Aruba travel deal in the history of vacations only to discover restrictions. Find out if premium drinks or certain menu items cost extra. Depending on the hotel, some all inclusives are truly all inclusive while some offer only basic dining, drinks and activities and charge extra for everything beyond the basics. Ask a travel agent; talk to the resort manager; read feedback and comments on line from former guests and ask questions. There is no reason to be surprised when you make Aruba travel deals. Any information you need is available on line at your fingertips. It’s up to you to be informed.

Aruba travel deals include comfortable stays in tourist areas or more exotic trips in primitive surroundings, but there is a place to suit most tastes. In addition to chain resorts, private hotels and clubs, Aruba has a large number of timeshares owned by citizens from other countries. Check out all the options to find the best match for your travel needs.

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