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Amsterdam Vacation Packages - Tips on Planning an Amsterdam Vacation

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You can feel the sadness left in Anne Frank’s house or celebrate the genius of Van Gogh and Rembrandt in a world-famous museum. A whirlwind of activities await any traveler in this city of over 1,000,000 bicycles. With a metropolitan area of more than 2 million people, Amsterdam offers more than most visitors can soak up in one short vacation. How do you decide on Amsterdam travel packages?

Considering the vast choices of cultural and recreational experiences, it’s best to consult a travel agent or other expert about Amsterdam travel packages. Try to blend your interests with their recommendations to put together a personalized package for your Amsterdam experience. The best vacation packages customize the experience to the needs of the traveler.

Several districts offer a variety of activities in Amsterdam but Dam Square is set in the center of it all featuring the Royal Palace. The most popular district for tourism, Dam Square offers shopping, vendors, concerts, street performers, souvenirs and . . . pigeons. De Wallen, the red-light district, houses prostitution, live shows and sex shops (all legal). The area on the southern banks of the Ij River provides the most modern development. A former warehouse district, it now hosts theater and popular night clubs.

A few of the other more notable districts in the city include the museums and the canals. Streets are very narrow and often congested. Rental cars are available but best used for country outings. Amsterdam travel packages should not focus too much on the location of your hotel. Typically, residents of the city walk, bike or use public transit to easily reach destinations.

For those seeking an uber-luxury experience, Amstel Intercontinental is supposedly the best of the best in Amsterdam hotels. It’s the place where the infamous and the famous people hang out. Places to stay come in every price range from ultra lavish to common hostels. Amsterdam travel packages reflect prices accordingly. The hotel rates have a wild range; plus, they charge an additional 5% city tax not included in the cost of your room.

The diversity of the city is reflected in the array of dining options in Amsterdam. Trendy, traditional and international cuisine abound. The city is known for great food at reasonable rates. From local eateries to five-star gourmet restaurants, you will need to trim a huge list into a few destinations for the best travel package.

Finally, it’s time to make a list of ‘must do’ and ‘must have’ items in your search of Amsterdam travel packages to fit your personal interests. Considering the depth of choices, it’s a good idea to browse comments from previous visitors, read and research areas of interests and be well prepared with information. Once you get there, you can always just relax and watch the tulips sway in the breeze.

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