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Fuerteventura Car Hire - Finding a Fuerteventura Car Hire Service

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Fuerteventura is one of the Spanish-owned Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. It is the second-largest of the islands after Tenerife. Since 1965, when the first hotel was built on the island, it has been a popular vacation destination because of its warm climate, pleasant beaches, and incredible surf. Even though the island receives 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, not everyone spends all their time at the beach. The island has several other attractions and events that require reliable transportation to get to and from. The most affordable and comfortable way to get from place-to-place is with a Fuerteventura car hire service. As with most tourist destinations, there is no shortage of car rentals on the island.

Because of the rocky, hilly terrain in the central areas of the island, 4-wheel drive vehicles are among the most popular car rentals. Coming in a close second is the convertible, rented by those who are looking to maximize their time in the sun. Visitors with money have no problem with a luxury Fuerteventura car hire, while budget-minded vacationers can still make due with a compact like the popular Daihatsu Charade.

While most people take advantage of the car hires at the Fuerteventura airport, services are located in several areas of the island, including Castillo Central, Caleta de Fuste, Costa Calma, Puerto de Jandia, and Corralejo. For the convenience of tourists, most Fuerteventura car hires will allow the drop-off of cars at different locations than the location from which they were picked-upped.

Here are some of the most popular car hires in Fuerteventura:

• Strawberry Autos (Tel: +351-291-762-421) – This Portugal-based company is one of the most popular Fuerteventura car hires. They offer low-prices with no hidden fees and have over 4,500 cars in the Canary Islands.

• Fuerteventura Airport Car Hire (Tel: +34-619-845-414) – Cars can either be hired from the airport or can be pre-booked in a resort.

• East Coast Rides (Tel: +34-693-249-245) – East Coast Rides is a Fuerteventura car hire but also does a big business in bike and scooter rental.

• Rent a Camper Van (Tel: +34-928-868-790) – For those who want some privacy on the beach and love camping, this car hire is tops.

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