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MaNga - Band History, Members of the Band

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MaNga was started in 2002. It was named for the Japanese word for comic books. At first, the band was an underground cover-band. They became more well-known after finishing in second place at the “Sing Your Song” music competition. They caught the attention of Sony Music, who signed the band in 2004. They released a self-titled debut album a short while after, which would become a hit with fans. MaNga performed in a number of music festivals to publicize their album. The band has also collaborated with other famous Turkish singers, including Vega, Korey Candemir, and Göksel. Many of MaNga’s songs are written by band-members.

Members of the Band


Ferman Akgül is the frontman of the band. He was born on Christmas in 1979. A graduate of the Gazi Architecture Department, he is currently finishing up his PhD in the field. Although he began his career as a guitarist, he soon moved on to lead-vocals.


Yağmur “Yamyam” Sarıgül plays the electric guitar. He was born in 1979 in Antalya. He has been receiving musical training since he was in primary school, having also been trained in piano and the violin. Yağmur attended the Hacettepe Conservatorium, the preparational program of Bilkent University, as well as the guitar program at Ankara Anadolu Fine Arts High School. He currently studies guitar at the Music Faculty of Gazi University. He was named “Best Assistant Musician” in the same “Sing Your Song” competition where MaNga got its start.


Cem Bahtiyar plays the bass guitar. He was born in 1979 in Denizli. He was trained in classic guitar in high school, and completed his training a the Denizli Conservatory before becoming a student at Bilkent University in Ankara. He currently works with Göksel.


Efe Yılmaz operates the turntable. He was born in 1979 in Ankara. Efe began to remix music at an early age. He set up equipment in his home where he put remixes together. He studied computer technology at the University of South Florida in the United States. He currently studies Business at Anatolia University.


Özgür Can Öney plays the drums for MaNga. He is the youngest “human” member of the band, having been born in 1980, a year after the other members. He was born in Ankara and studies Astronomy at Ankara University, as well as Business at Anatolia University. He composed the music for a number of theatrical plays. His hobbies include martial arts, most notably, kick-boxing.


SPA is the band mascot. He is featured in all of their videos, as an animated character. SPA is said to be a “100% male” and was “born” in Istanbul in 2004. SPA is a “toy” who is “in love.”

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