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Ford Explorer - First generation (1991-1994), Second generation (1995-2001)

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Released in 1990 for the 1991 model, the Ford Explorer was available in two and four-door styles and in rear and four-wheel drive. The four-wheel drive models were also equipped with a Borg Warner transfer case. Every Explorer was equipped with 8.8" rear axles in open slip or limited slip varieties. Ford Explorers were also made in one of four trim levels, Sport trim, base XL trim, XLT trim and an “Eddie Bauer” edition trim. A more limited version was added in 1993, but was only made with four doors. Considered even more advanced than the Eddie Bauer trim edition, The Limited trim version had many special features including a special grille, foglamps and a compass.

Second generation (1995-2001)

In 1995, the Explorer was given more major updates. The front suspension was swapped for a independent front suspension, Ford Explorers were now made in a two-door Explorer Sport model and a four-door Explorer model. The Limited was a more expensive model and came with an all-wheel drive system on its Limited trim and Eddie Bauer trim models which were released in 1997. Also available in 1997 was a five-speed automatic. The first vehicle to use a high mount stop lamp with a neon center was the Ford Explorer model released in 1995. When the liftgate was replaced in 1998, this stop lamp was replaced with a more run-of-the-mill lamp. In 1998, the liftgate was updated again. In 1999, the XLS took over for the XL model. In 2001, the Ford Explorer Sport Trac was installed. It allowed a small pickup bed to fit in back of normal SUV doors.

Third generation (2002-2005)

The Mercury Mountaineer and four-door Ford Explorer were completely overhauled in 2002. Because of the changes implemented, the Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer no longer resembled the Ranger. Third-row seats became available for the very first time in the models as well. The capacity of the vehicle was now at seven passengers. Automatic and manual transmissions were both available as well as all-wheel drive. The trim lines were made in XLS trim, Sport Premium trim, Sport Choice trim, Eddie Bauer trim, Limited trim, Sport Value trim and XLT trim.

Fourth generation (2006-present)

The Mercury Mountaineer and Ford Explorer were given a facelift for 2006. The frames were now made by Magna International instead of Tower Automotive. Also revamped were the interior and rear suspension. Power-folding, third-row seats were now available, too. Electronic stability control and a monitoring system for tire-pressure came standard. A six-speed automatic transmission became available at this time. Nominated for the North American Truck of the Year Award in 2006, the new Ford Explorer has been marketed very successfully.

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