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Fred Meyer - History, Store design, Alternate store formats

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A native New Yorker, Fred Meyer opened his first store in Portland Oregon in 1922. Six years later, Meyer opened a drug store, followed by a shopping center in the Hollywood District of Oregon in 1931. In the shopping center, a grocery store was located next to a drug store and also included general merchandise. Also connected to the location were a gasoline station and an apparel store. Fred Meyer bought out the Valu Mart chain and converted all of the locations to Fred Meyer stores in 1973. Another store was opened in Alaska in 1975. Fred Meyer died in 1978 at the age of 92. He was responsible for the operation of his company up until the date of his death. The company was bought by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts in 1982.

Store design

All Fred Meyer stores have ample floor space. A typical Fred Meyer store is divided into four departments. The first department is an apparel/leisure center. Within this center, you find shoes, menswear, womenswear, intimates, cosmetics, accessories and a department for teens named Elements. The second department is a grocery store that includes a meat section, seafood section, deli, produce section, bakery section and a Nutrition Center. The third department is a home center which includes a toy section, office section, sports section, auto section, home improvement center, garden center, furniture department, bedding section, bath section and a section holding seasonal merchandise. Fueling stations are considered to be part of this department as well. The fourth department is the Operations department. It is in charge of the bank of checkstands and includes the Customer Service Desk which offers services such as Western Union and tobacco sales. A self-checkout option is also available to customers. Some locations include Playland, a child-care section that provides free babysitting services. In addition, a Home electronics department handles items such as televisions and computers along with CDs, movies, and video game sales. A photo station, a jewelry center and a coffee outlet are also sometimes included in the floorplan.

Alternate store formats

Fred Meyer Marketplace

The Fred Meyer Marketplace is much smaller than a standard sized Fred Meyer store. It consists of a grocery section, but does not include the many additional departments mentioned in the above section. Those sections that are included are much smaller than the departments in a regular Fred Meyer store. These Marketplace stores are usually located in smaller towns or in towns with unusual parking arrangements. Other Marketplace stores are indicitive of earlier Fred Meyer store mall formats that are the center of shopping mall outlets. Locations from the early days also include a lawn department with gardening utensils which is situated across from the immediate store location.

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