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Honda Odyssey - The North American Market’s Odyssey

generation transmission model models

First Generation Honda Odyssey (1995-1998)

Introduced in 1995, the first generation Honda Odyssey was a compact minivan with four swinging doors instead of a system of sliding doors. The vehicle design was used in both the North American and Japanese markets. The first generation Honda Odyssey featured the very first folding third row seat. Because the first generation Honda Odyssey was built over the platform of the Honda Accord and used a four-cylinder engine, a number of critics said that the interior was way too small for a minivan. Critics also stated that the engine was underpowered. Consumers shared this opinion which made for paltry success for the first generation of Odyssey. The first generation Honda Odyssey came in several trims including LX and upscale EX. The LX trim model could fit up to seven passengers. The Odyssey was renamed the Isuzu Oasis, a model that was soon discontinued. The first generation Honda Odyssey was named Car of the Year for 1995 by Wheels magazine.

Second Generation Honda Odyssey (1999-2004)

The new model, the second generation Honda Odyssey had great acceleration, a wonderful safety rating, and good power. The transmission, unfortunately, failed to keep pace with the engine power. The models from 1999-2001 had four-speed automatic transmission. the models from 2002-2004 had five-speed automatic transmission, and had huge problems with the reliability of the transmission. These problems still have not been resolved. Although the manufacturer extended the transmission warranty to seven years or 100,000 miles, a class action lawsuit resulted in a further extended warranty. A problem with the clutch pack, resulting from gathering amounts of clutch debris has not yet been solved. This problem blocks the flow of transmission fluid along with another unrelated transmission problem. When a gear overheats because of this problem, the transmission locks up which could cause an accident. A recall was put into place because of this problem. The second generation Honda Odyssey was named Best Minivan by Automobile Magazine.

Third Generation Honda Odyssey (2005-present)

The third generation Honda Odyssey was released as a 2005 model after it was redesigned. Production was now taking place in Lincoln, Alabama instead of Alliston, Ontario, Canada. The new model retained its basic chasis and the use of the global light truck platform. It also had a front strut suspension with multi-link rear suspension. It was also a bit larger and heavier, retaining leading acceleration even though it is much slower than the second generation. The transmission was also greatly improved with variable cylinder management. The new model also had a round storage bin in the floor instead of a spare tire like the previous models, as well as eight passenger seating.


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