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Bö ddecker, Philipp Friedrich

organist stuttgart strasbourg frankfurt

Bö ddecker, Philipp Friedrich, German organist, bassoonist, and composer; b. Hagenau, Alsace (baptized), Aug. 5, 1607; d. Stuttgart, Oct. 8, 1683. He first studied in Stuttgart with J.U. Steigleder. From 1626 to 1629 he served as organist and singing master in Buchsweiler, Alsace, and then was organist and bassoonist at the courts in Darmstadt and Durlach. In 1638 he became organist at Frankfurt am Main’s Barfiisserkirche, in 1642 he was appointed organist at the Strasbourg Cathedral, and in 1648 received the post of organist and director of music at the Univ. of Strasbourg. In 1652 he settled in Stuttgart as organist at the collegiate church there. He publ, the treatise Manuductio nova methodica-practica bassum généraient (Stuttgart, 1701). He composed Melos irenicum for 6 Soloists, Chorus, and Instruments (Strasbourg, 1650) and 8 sacred concertos. His son, Philipp Jakob Bôddecker (b. Frankfurt am Main, 1642; d. Stuttgart, Feb. 1, 1707), was also an organist and composer; he succeeded his father as organist at the collegiate church in Stuttgart (from 1686).

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