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Ghosthunters - Series One Episodes, Series Two Episodes, Series Three Episodes, Series Four Episodes

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Episode 1- “Legends of the Roman Legionnaires” Original air date: April 14, 1996.
Investigators Jim lyons and Dr. Patrick Ottaway look into reports of ghost sightings at Mersea Island and the Treasurer’s House in Essex.
Episode 2- “The Mysteries of George” Original air date: April 14, 1996.
Melanie Warren investigates reports of a haunted bar in Preston.
Episode 3- “The Phantoms of Chingle Hall” Original air date: April 21, 1996.
Investigator Jason Karl looks into a home made in the 1400s and located in Lancashire, and purported to be one of Britain’s most haunted houses.
Episode 4- “The Men Who Talk To Ghosts” Original air date: April 28, 1996.
Investigators John Parker and Eddie Burks examine mediums.
Episode 5- “The Invisible Intelligence” Original air date: May 5, 1996.
Prof. David Fontana looks into the case of Pete the Poltergeist in Cardiff- a ghost active in the Fall of 1992.
Episode 6- “Holy Ghostbusters” Original air date: May 12, 1996.
The reverend Tom Willis look into exorcism in the Deliverance Ministry. The Church is working to confront supposed supernatural occurences.

Series Two Episodes

Episode 7- “Ripples In Time” Original air date: May 26, 1996.
Mary Rose Barrington, a parapsychologist from the Society for Psychical Research investigates the Wootton timpeslip. Investigator CJ Romer conducts an examination of Thetford Priory in Norfolk, the very haunting that sparked his interest in the paranormal.
Episode 8- “The Phantom Pilot” Original air date: June 2, 1996.
Episode 9- “The Haunted Ballroom” Original air date: June 9, 1996.
Episode 10- “Tales From Dartmoor” Original air date: June 16, 1996
Episode 11- “The Possession” Original air date: June 23, 1996.
Episode 12- “Ghosthunters At Work” Original air date: June 30, 1996..

Series Three Episodes

Episode 13- “Spirits of the Civil War” Original air date: December 8, 1996.
Episode 14- “The Phantom Schoolmaster” Original air date: December 15, 1996.
Episode 15- “Castle Leslie” Original air date: December 22, 1996.
Episode 16- “The Phantom Fisherman” Original air date: December 29, 1996.
Episode 17- “Echoes From Beyond The Grave” Original air date: January 5, 1997.
Episode 18- “The Priest and the Professor” Original air date: January 12, 1997
Episode 19- “The Spirits of Bodmin Moor” Original air date: January 19, 1997
Episode 20- “The Case of the Gorton Poltergeist” Original air date: January 26, 1997

Series Four Episodes

Episode 21- “The Possession” Original air date: February 2, 1997
Episode 22- “Spirits of Marston Moor” February 9, 1997
Episode 23- “Shadows of Snowdonia” Original air date: February 16, 1997
Episode 24- “Spectres of the Severn” Original air date: February 23, 1997
Episode 25- The Haunting of County Wicklow" Original air date: March 2, 1997.
Episode 26- “The Haunted Bypass” Original air date: March 9, 1997
Episode 27- “Across the Great Divide” Original air date: March 16, 1997
Episode 28- “Battlefield of the Somme” Original air date: March 23, 1997


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