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Disney on Ice - Disneyland Adventure, Pixar’s Monsters Inc., Other Shows

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The setting for “Disneyland Adventure” is Disneyland itself. It stars the Parr family, also known as “The Incredibles.” When the Parr family’s vacation plans are scrapped due to an erupting volcano, they decide to go to Disneyland. Just minutes into their vacation, Disneyland is attacked by Syndrome (sworn enemy of the Incredibles.) Syndrome kidnaps the beloved Mickey and Minnie, planning to erect his own theme park where the resort stands. The Parrs are forced to come out of hiding as the Incredibles to save the day. After syndrome stashes Mickey and Minnie in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the Incredibles attack him, and he is forced to relocate the pair to the LASER prisons. Frozone freezes Syndrome in a block of ice, letting Mickey and Minnie out in the process. The resort is saved! Well known characters such as: Goofy, Chip and Dale, Donald Duck, and Pluto all make cameo appearances. Characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cindrella, Alice in Wonderland, and The Jungle Book also show up throughout the opening of the show. The Disneyland settings of “It’s A Small World,” Jungle Cruise, Main Street, U.S.A., Haunted Mansion, The Enchanted Tiki Room, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mad Tea Party, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are all part of the show.

Pixar’s Monsters Inc.

Monsters, Inc., is a utility company that gathers it’s energy from the goose-bumps and screams of children. Mike Wazowski, and pal James P. Sullivan, or “Sulley,” the best scream-maker at the plant, pick up their paychecks, accidentally allowing a little girl named Boo into the world of monsters. Because monsters are actually scared-to-death of children who they believe are poisonous, disease-carriers, this is a huge problem for the duo. When Sully becomes aware of a plot to solve Monster City’s power problems at the cost of the children they scare, he and his pal fight to protect the children in their charges. Mike and Sulley must avoid the CDA (Child Detection Agency) as they make moves to return Boo to her bedroom, and keep Mr. Waternoose and the devious Randall from revealing her identity to the CDA. Mike and Sulley are successful, becoming heroes in the process. They remake Monsters, Inc. into a factory that makes children laugh.

Other Shows

Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey

Come along with Mickey and Minnie as they discover a brand new world! Laugh and play with Lilo and Stitch as they go coconuts! Come and swim in the beautiful Atlantica with everyone’s favorite Little Mermaid, Ariel! Spot the 101 dalmatians in England! Never grow up in Neverland with Peter Pan!

The Magical World of Disney on Ice

Join Aladdin, Ariel, Belle, Mickey, Cinderella, Woody, and Pinnochio on a series of adventures with pals Nemo, Bruce, Merlin, Dory, and The Incredibles!

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