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Brendel, (Karl) Franz

music leipzig die der

Brendel, (Karl) Franz, German writer on music; b. Stolberg, Nov. 26, 1811; d. Leipzig, Nov. 25, 1868. He was educated at the univs. of Leipzig and Berlin. He studied piano with Wieck and through him entered the Schumann circle; ed. Schumann’s periodical Neue Zeitschrift fiir Musik from 1845 until his death in 1868, and also was co-editor, with R. Pohl, of the monthly Anregungenfiir Kunst . In 1846 he joined the faculty of the Leipzig Cons.; was also one of the founders, in 1861, of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Musikverein. In his articles he boldly championed the cause of the new German music, as symbolized by the works of Wagner and Liszt. He publ. a successful general music history, Geschichte der Musik in Italien, Deutschland unà Frankreich von den ersten christlichen Zeiten bis auf die Gegenwart (1852; 7 th ed., edited by Kienzl, 1888; new aug. ed., edited by R. Hovker, 1902, and reissued in 1906). He also publ, a treatise commenting on “the music of the future,” Die Musik der Gegenwart und die Gesamtkunst der Zukunft (1854), and other similar publications dealing with new developments in German music.

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