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Bridge, Frank

string quartets london composer

Bridge, Frank, distinguished English composer; b. Brighton, Feb. 26, 1879; d. Eastbourne, Jan. 10, 1941. He studied composition with Stanford at the Royal Coll. of Music in London (1899–1903). He was active as a violinist and violisi in several string quartets, among them the Joachim, Grimson, and English string quartets. In 1910-11 he was conductor of the New Sym. Orch. in London, and in 1913 he conducted at Co vent Garden there. In 1923 he toured the U.S. conducting his own works. As a composer, Bridge received recognition only in the last years of his life. After his death, greater appreciation arose, particularly in his homeland. In his early works, he followed the paths of Delius, Ireland, and Bax. After World War I, he pursued a more adventuresome route, influenced by the Second Viennese School, although never embracing serialism. Among his most remarkable advanced works are the third and fourth string quartets. Britten, his ardent student and admirer, composed his Variations on a Theme of Prank Bridge after the latter’s Idyll No. 2 for String Quartet.

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