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Brown, A(lfred) Peter

univ prof music northwestern

Brown, A(lfred) Peter learned American musicologist; b. Chicago, April 30, 1943. He was educated at Northwestern Univ. (B.M.E., 1965; M.M., 1966; Ph.D., 1970, with the diss. The Solo and Ensemble Keyboard Sonatas of Joseph Haydn: A Study in Structure and Style) . He also attended the Domaine School of Conductors in Hancock, Maine (1965) and pursued postdoctoral studies at N.Y. Univ. (1970). He was a lecturer at Ind. Univ. Northwest (1967–69) and was asst. prof, at the Univ. of Hawaii (1969–74). In 1972-73 he was an American Council of Learned Societies fellow, and in 1978-79 he held a Guggenheim fellowship. He was asst. prof. (1974–77), assoc. prof. (1977–81), and prof, of music (from 1981) at Ind. Univ., where he also was chairman of the musicology dept. (from 1997). In 1981 he was a visiting scholar at the Univ. of Mo. in Columbia, in 1984 he directed an NEH Summer Seminar for Coll. Teachers on Haydn, in 1989 he was a member of the faculty of the Aston Magna Academy, in 1991 he was the Ida Beam Distinguished Visiting Prof, at the Univ. of Iowa, and in 1993 he was the Distinguished Alumane Lecturer at the Northwestern Univ. School of Music. Brown has devoted much of his research to the elucidation of 18 th century music, on which he has written authoritative books and articles in scholarly journals. His edition of Haydn’s The Creation has been recorded by Hogwood, Solti, Weil, and Gardiner.

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