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Brown, Howard Mayer

music univ mass publ

Brown, Howard Mayer American musicologist; b. Los Angeles, April 13, 1930; d. Venice, Feb. 21, 1993. He studied composition with Piston and musicology with Gombosi at Harvard Univ. (B.A., 1951; M.A., 1954; Ph.D., 1959, with the diss. Music in the French Secular Theater, 1400-1550; publ, in Cambridge, Mass., 1963); also studied in Vienna (1951–53) and later held a Guggenheim fellowship in Florence (1963–64). He was a member of the faculty at Wellesley Coll. (1958–60). In 1960 he was appointed to the staff of the Univ. of Chicago, where he subsequently was made a prof. (1967) and chairman of the music dept. (1970). From 1972 to 1974 he taught at King’s Coll., Univ. of London, and then returned to the Univ. of Chicago. In 1989 he was made an honorary member of the American Musi-cological Soc. He publ. Instrumental Music Printed before 1600: A Bibliography (Cambridge, Mass., 1965), Embellishing Sixteenth-Century Music (London, 1976), and Music in the Renaissance (Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1976; 2 nd ed., 1999, with L. Stein). In 1970 he was named ed. of the compendium Italian Opera, 1640-1770: Major Unpublished Works in a Central Baroque and Early Classical Tradition (N.Y., 1977 et seq.). With S. Sadie, he ed. Music Before 1600 (Basingstoke, 1989) and Music After 1600 (Basingstoke, 1989).

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