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Brown, Lawrence

duke howard left spring

Brown, Lawrence jazz trombonist; b. Lawrence, Kans., Aug. 3, 1907; d. Los Angeles, Sept. 5, 1988. His brother, Harold, is a professional pianist; their father was a minister. Lawrence started on piano, violin, and tuba, then specialized on trombone. While studying medicine at Pasadena Junior Coll., he played in school orchestra. Professional at 19 with Charlie Echols’ Band, left after six months to join Paul Howard, with whom he recorded in 1929. He worked with Leon Herriford and Curtis Mosby’s Blue Blowers before rejoining Paul Howard. He worked as a “house-man” at Sebastian’s Cotton Club in Culver City, playing with various leaders including Les Hite, with whom he accompanied Louis Armstrong (on records). In the spring of 1932, he was signed by impresario Irving Mills and joined Duke Ellington. He remained with Duke until March 1951 (except for a brief absence in the summer of 1943). He was with Johnny Hodges’ Small Band until spring of 1955, did studio work in N.Y. (including a spell at CBS), then rejoined Ellington in May 1960. Other than brief absences, he worked regularly with Duke throughout the 1960s, and also led his own recording bands. He left Duke early in 1970, and worked for the U.S. government (1971), retiring in 1974 He moved to Calif., were he worked as a part-time business consultant.

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