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Burgess, Anthony(real name, John Anthony Burgess Wilson)

univ manchester novelist prof

Burgess, Anthony(real name, John Anthony Burgess Wilson), celebrated English novelist, critic, and composer; b. Manchester, Feb. 25, 1917; d. London, Nov. 22, 1993. He studied language and literature at the Univ. of Manchester (B. A., 1940); he also played piano in jazz combos and taught himself to compose by a close study of the Classical masters. He was active as a teacher in England and the Far East; later was writer–in– residence at the Univ. of N.C at Chapel Hill (1969–70), visiting prof, at Princeton Univ. and Columbia Univ. (1970), and distinguished prof, at City Coll. of the City Univ. of N.Y. (1972–73). As a novelist, Burgess made a notable impression with his disturbing A Clockwork Orange (1962), which was followed by such novels as the Napoleon Symphony (1974) and his major literary achievement, Earthly Powers (1980). Among his other writings were This Man and Music (1982) and the autobiography, Little Wilson and Big God (1987). As a composer, he produced a respectable body of works notable for being refreshingly rhythmical and tonal, but not without quirky quartal harmonies and atonal diversions.

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