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As is true with most ancient Egyptian individuals, little is known of Amenemhab’s personal life. He lived during the reign of Amenhotep III, the father of Akhenaten. Akhenaten was the first king to radically alter Egyptian religion by proclaiming that only the sun should be worshipped as the god Aten. Amenemhab anticipated Akhenaten’s beliefs with the song he sang about the sun-god Re. Amenemhab must have been an important member of Amenhotep III’s court. He traveled with the king to foreign countries, according to his inscription. Perhaps he knew the young Akhenaten and even influenced the prince’s beliefs. In a stela, Amenemhab speaks of the sun as the creator god, an idea that was part of Akhenaten’s religion. Amenemhab must have been an important individual, but little is known about the details of his life.


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