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Busnois, Antoine

church minor burgundy active

Busnois, Antoine, greatly significant composer; b. probably in Busnes, France, c. 1430; d. probably in Bruges, before Nov. 6, 1492. By 1460 he was active at the church of St. Martin in Tours, where he was a chori clerk and “heuriers” (clericos de choro et pannis); he received minor orders and was elevated to sub-deacon at the church of St. Venant there in 1465. He most likely was a priest by 1470, and subsequently held several minor benefices. He formally entered the service of Charles the Bold of Burgundy in 1467. After Charles’s death in 1477, he entered the service of his daughter, Marie of Burgundy; following her marriage to Maximilian I of Austria that same year, he was active mainly in his household chapel until 1483. He spent his last years as rector cantoriae at the church of St. Sauveur in Bruges. Busnois was a master of imitative polyphony and varied contrapuntal techniques. Among his extant works are 7 chansons in early publications of Petrucci (1501–3), the masses L’Homme armé, O crux lignum, and Regina coeli, and some Magnificats, motets, and other chansons.

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