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Caballero, M(anuel) F(ernández)

madrid composition studied conducting

Caballero, M(anuel) F(ernández), Spanish conductor and composer; b. Murcia, March 14, 1835; d. Madrid, Feb. 26, 1906. He had lessons in piano, violin, and flute, received instruction in composition from José Calvo, and studied harmony and composition with Indalecio Soriano Fuertes. In 1850 he enrolled at the Madrid Cons., where he studied with José Vega, Pedro Albéniz (piano), and Eslava (counterpoint and fugue), taking first prize for composition in 1856. He began his career playing violin in the orch. of the Teatro Real in Madrid, and then was active as a conductor in various theaters there. After conducting in Cuba (1864–71), he settled in Madrid and devoted himself to conducting and composing zarzuelas. In 1891 he was elected to membership in the Academy of Fine Arts. He wrote almost 200 zarzuelas, the most memorable being La viejecita (Madrid, April 29, 1897) and Gigantes y cabezudos (Madrid, Nov. 29, 1898). He also wrote masses and other sacred works, dances, and songs.

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