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Caldara, Antonio

composer vienna oratorio italian

Caldara, Antonio, important Italian composer; b. Venice, c. 1670; d. Vienna, Dec. 28, 1736. He was a choirboy under Giovanni Legrenzi at San Marco in Venice, where he received training in composition, viola da gamba, cello, and keyboard playing. In 1699 he became maestro di cappella da chiesa a dal teatro to the Duke of Mantua, where he had the opportunity to hone his skills as a dramatic composer. In 1708 he went to Rome, where his Lenten oratorio II martirio di S. Caterina was given at the palace of Cardinal Ottoboni. Following a sojourn in Spain, where his II più bel nome (Barcelona, Aug. 2, 1708) was the first Italian opera to be performed in that country, he returned to Rome as maestro di cappella to prince Rusopoli. During this time, Caldara’s Venetian style was refined to embrace galant modes of expression. In 1716 he was called to Vienna to serve as vice-Kapellmeister under Fux at the court, where he concentrated much of his compositional energies on the creation of operas. His style was further refined to a greater use of contrapuntal writing. Caldara was a prolific composer of vocal music, producing some 3, 400 works, with his historical significance resting mainly upon his contributions to the development of opera and oratorio.

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