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Calvisius, Sethus (real name, Seth Kallwitz)

musicae leipzig music cantor

Calvisius, Sethus (real name, Seth Kallwitz), German music theorist; b. Feb. 21, 1556; d. Leipzig, Nov. 24, 1615. He supported himself while studying in the Gymnasia of Frankenhausen and Magdeburg, and the Univs. at Helmstadt and Leipzig. In Leipzig he became music director at the Paulinerkirche (1581). From 1582 to 1592 he was cantor at Schulpforta, then cantor of the Thomasschule at Leipzig, and in 1594 became music director at the Thomaskirche and Nicolaikirche there. Calvisius was not only a musician, but a scholar of high attainments. His writings are valuable sources: Melopoeia seu melodiae condendae ratio (1582; 2 nd éd., 1592); Compendium musicae practicae pro incipientibus (1594; 3 rd ed. as Musicae artis praecepta nova et facillima, 1612); Harmoniae cantionum eccle siasticarum a M. Luthero et aliis viris piis Germaniae composi tarum 4 voc .(1596); Exercitationes musicae duae (1600); Auserlesene teutsche Lieder (1603); Exercitatio musicae tertia (1611); Biciniorum libri duo (1612).

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