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Caprioli, Alberto

bologna music diploma cons

Caprioli, Alberto, Italian composer, conductor, teacher, and writer on music; b. Bologna, Nov. 16, 1956. He studied composition with Margóla (1973–79) and Togni (diploma, 1983) and conducting with Guarino (1977–78) at the Padua Cons. He also studied conducting with Tito Gotti at the Bologna Cons, (diploma, 1979), with Kondrashin in Hilversum (1978), and with Suitner (1979–83) and Cerha (diploma, 1983) at the Vienna Academy of Music. His training in composition was completed with Schaeffer at the Salzburg Mozarteum (1986–88). He also pursued studies in the humanities at the Univ. of Bologna (Ph.D.). In 1980 he became a teacher of conducting at the Bologna Cons., where he held that chair from 1989. From 1990 he was one of the collaborators on the critical edition of Maderna’s works. In 1992 he founded the Progetto Esperia in Bologna, a new music laboratory. His writings have appeared in various publications, and range from studies on Schumann and Hòlderlin to Nono and Boulez. In his music, Caprioli has followed a contemporary path which includes the use of tape and live electronics.

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