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Carrillo (-Traj ilio), Julián (Antonio)

tones cons mexico conducted

innovative Mexican composer; b. Ahualulco, San Luis Potosí, Jan. 28, 1875; d. Mexico City, Sept. 9, 1965. He was of Indian extraction, and lived mostly in Mexico City, where he studied violin with Pedro Manzano and composition with Melesio Morales. He graduated from the National Cons, in 1899 and received a government stipend for study abroad as a winner of the President Diaz Prize. He took courses at the Leipzig Cons, with Hans Becker (violin), Jadassohn (theory), and Hans Sitt (orchestration). He also played violin in the Gewandhaus Orch. under Nikisch. From 1902 to 1904 he studied at the Ghent Cons., winning 1 st prize as violinist. He returned to Mexico in 1905 and made numerous appearances as a violinist. He also conducted concerts. Carrillo served as general inspector of music and director of the National Cons. (1913–14; 1920–24). He visited the U.S. many times, and conducted his works in N.Y. and elsewhere. During his years in Leipzig, he wrote a Sym., which he conducted there in 1902; at the same time, he began experimenting with fractional tones and developed a theory which he named Sonido 13, symbolically indicating divisions beyond the 12 notes of the chromatic scale. He further devised a special number notation for quarter tones, eighth tones, and sixteenth tones, and constructed special instruments for their realization, such as a harpzither with 97 strings to the octave. He also publ. several books dealing with music of fractional tones, and ed. a monthly magazine, El Sonido 13, in 1924–25. His music was championed by Stokowski, who often premiered his works; the two toured Mexico in 1930–31 with the Thirteenth Sound Orch., which Carrillo had founded. In the 1940s he patented plans for 15 microtonal pianos, known as metamorphosing pianos. They were finally exhibited and won a Gold Medal at the World’s Fair in Brussels in 1958, where one of them was used in the premiere of his piano concerto Metamorfoseador Carillo .

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