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Cash, Rosanne

country crowell hits album

married to singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell from 1979 to 1992, began achieving success in the early 1980s as a purveyor of highly personal, country-style material played in a rock, almost New Wave style; b. Memphis, Term., May 24, 1955.

Garnering the most public attention for a female country singer since Emmylou Harris, Cash pioneered this “new country” woman’s sound and style, and opened the door for other intelligent songwriters such as Mary-Chapin Carpenter and Shawn Colvin.

Rosanne Cash, Johnny Cash’s daughter by Vivian Liberto, moved to Ventura, Calif., with her mother in 1966, when her parents divorced. After high school she toured with her father’s road show for three years with stepsisters Rosey Nix and Carlene Carter. She attended Vanderbilt Univ. and studied for six months in Lee Strasberg’s noted drama school in Hollywood. She met Rodney Crowell in 1977, married him in 1979, and made her first recordings (with Crowell producing) in Germany that year. Signed to Columbia Records, her first album, Right or Wrong, launched her recording career, producing three major country hits with “No Memories Hangin’ Around” (in duet with Bobby Bare), “Couldn’t Do Nothin’ Right,” and “Take Me,Take Me.” With Crowell as her producer, Cash became fully established as a country artist with Seven Year Ache . The album yielded three top country hits with her title song (also a major pop hit), Leroy Preston’s “My Baby Thinks He’s a Train,” and her “Blue Moon with Heartache.”

After 1982’s Somewhere in the Stars, which featured the country hits “Ain’t No Money,” “I Wonder,” and “It Hasn’t Happened Yet.” Rosanne Cash underwent treatment for cocaine addiction, and her marriage nearly ended. This led to an almost three-year exile from recording. She rebounded with 1985’s Rhythm and Romance, largely produced by David Malloy. The album contained four country hits: “I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me” (cowritten by Cash and Crowell), “Never Be You” (written by Tom Petty and Benmont Tench), “Hold On,” and “Second to No One.” King’s Record Shop, again produced by Crowell, was more issue oriented and yielded four more top country hits: “The Way We Make a Broken Heart” (by John Hiatt), “Tennessee Flat Top Box” (a major hit for her father in 1962), “If You Change Your Mind” (by Cash and Hank De-Vito), and “Runaway Train” (by John Stewart). She also had a top country hit in 1988 with “It’s Such a Small World,” a duet with Crowell.

Rosanne Cash transcended the country field with 1990’s introspective Interiors, which she wrote and produced. Hailed by some as the album of her career, it did not produce any pop hits, yet it did establish her in the front ranks of intelligent female singer-songwriters. Following her divorce from Rodney Crowell in spring 1992, Cash recorded The Wheel, a semiconfessional album that featured “Seventh Avenue,” “Roses in the Fire,” and “The Truth About You.”

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