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Cavazzoni, Girolamo

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Cavazzoni, Girolamo, Italian organist and composer, son of Marco Antonio Cavazzoni; b. Urbino, c. 1520; d. Venice, c. 1577. He was a godson of Cardinal Pietro Bembo. He was organist at S. Barbara in Mantua until 1577, where he supervised the building of the organ in 1565–66. His Intavolatura cioè Ricercavi, Canzoni, Hinni, Magnificati (Venice, 1542) contains the first examples of the polyphonic ricercare of the 16 th century. His organ ricercari, though related to the motet, differ from it in their extension of the individual sections by means of more numerous entries of the subject and more definite cadences between sections. The two canzonas from the same work mark the beginnings of an independent canzona literature for the keyboard. Reprints of Cavazzoni’s works are found in L. Torchi, L’arte musicale in Italia (vol. Ill), Tagliapietra, Antologia di musica (vol. I), Davison and Apel, Historical Anthology of Music, and Schering, Geschichte der Musik in Beispielen . O. Mischiati ed. his organ works (two vols., Mainz, 1959 and 1961).

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