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Chaynes, Charles

prix paris rome grand

Chaynes, Charles, French composer and broadcasting administrator; b. Toulouse, July 11, 1925. He first studied with his parents, who taught at the Toulouse Cons., and then entered the Paris Cons., where he took courses in violin with Gabriel Bouillon, in chamber music with Joseph Calvet, in composition with Milhaud and Rivier, and in harmony and fugue with N. and J. Gallon (Premier Grand Prix de Rome, 1951, with the cantata Et l’homme vit se rouvrir les portes) . After composing at the French Academy in Rome (1952–55), he returned to Paris and joined the ORTF as a radio producer in 1956. He then was director of its France-Musique channel (1965–75) before serving as its chief of the music service (1975–90). In 1960 he won the Concours Prince Rainier of Monaco, in 1965 the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris, in 1979 the UNESCO composition prize, and in 1998 the Prix Cino del Duca de l’Institut de France. As a composer, Chaynes has pursued an independent course in which free atonality is enlivened by infusions of East Asian and African modes of expression.

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