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Brian Urlacher - The Early Life of, The College Career of, The Professional Career of

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Brian Urlacher was born in Washington to parents Lavoyda and Brad Urlacher. When hiis parents divorced in the 1980s, Lavoyda was given custody of Brian and his siblings. His mother, Lavoyda, moved the family to New Mexico. His mother worked multiple jobs to support the family, allowing Urlacher the luxury of playing sports in his free time. Urlacher became interested in football and used his physical skills to lead his high school team, the Lovington Wild Cats, into victory.

The College Career of Brian Urlacher

Brian Urlacher attended the University of New Mexico where he set a record for weight lifting. Urlacher had wanted to attend Texas Tech University, but was not able to because they did not offer him a scholarship. Because coach Dennis Franchione relied more on upperclassman to play the games, Urlacher did not get to play much his freshman year. While a sophomore, Urlacher played more often, his team capturing the Western Athletic Conference Mountain title. The team eventually lost to Colorado State University in the championship game.

The Professional Career of Brian Urlacher

Brian Urlacher was chosen by the Chicago Bears in the very first round of the 2000 NFL Draft. Urlacher was given the starting position, but lost it for a time to Rosevelt Colvin. Because Barry Minter was badly injured, Urlacher was tapped to fill in as the starting middle linebacker. Urlacher was a fan favorite after a particularly successful game against the New York Giants. He had over 14 tackles in both of the following two games he played. Urlacher was named NFL Rookie of the Year in 2000. In the same year, he was invited to the Pro Bowl. In the following years, Urlacher was thought to be one of the sport’s most talented linebackers. He had over 300 tackles, over 10 sacks and several inteceptions. Brian Urlacher played a huge role in the Chicago Bears’ success. He had ten tackles in six back to back games as well as over 120 tackles total. Urlacher’s involved leadership and careful attitude allowed for the Chicago Bears’ defensive line to have the least number of penalties in the league. In the time it took for the season to come to an end, Urlacher and the Chicago Bears had the record for the best defensive league in all of the NFL. Brian Urlacher was given the honor of being named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He was also invited back to join his peers in the Pro Bowl. Urlacher was ranked in the very top tier of the league’s defense. Urlacher recieved the more votes than any other competing player in the NFL.

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