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Chorzempa, Daniel (Walter)

conductor century piano austrian

Chorzempa, Daniel (Walter), American-born Austrian keyboard player, conductor, musicologist, and composer; b. Minneapolis, Dec. 7, 1944. He received training in piano at the Cologne Hochschule für Musik (diploma, 1968) and studied musicology with Johannes Riedel at the Univ. of Minn. (Ph.D., 1971, with the diss. Julius Reubke: Life and Works) . He also studied organ, harpsichord (with Gustav Leonhardt), composition (with Herbert Eimert), and conducting (with Volker Wangenheim), being awarded diplomas in both in 1979. In 1969 he gave piano recitals in Berlin and Hamburg, and also appeared as an organist in London. In 1971 he made his debut as a soloist with the New Philharmonia Orch. of London under John Pritchard’s direction. He made his debut as a conductor in Wiesbaden in 1980. Thereafter, he pursued a varied career as a keyboard player and conductor. In 1995 he became a naturalized Austrian citizen. In addition to the piano, organ, and harpsichord, Chorzempa has explored the repertoire of the clavichord and fortepiano. As a conductor, his repertoire includes 18 th and 19 th century opera, 19 th century symphonic music, and 20 th century scores.

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