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Cirri, Giovanni Battista

forlì brother cellist cathedral

Cirri, Giovanni Battista, Italian cellist and composer; b. Forlì, Oct. 1, 1724; d. there, June 11, 1808. He studied with his brother, Ignazio Cirri (1711–87), organist at Forlì Cathedral from 1759, and with Giovanni Balzani, organist at the church of the Madonna del Fuoco. After taking holy orders in 1739, he was a cellist and composer at the Basilica of S. Petronio in Bologna. In 1759 he was elected a member of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna. In 1764 he went to London as a chamber musician to the Duke of York and as director of music to the Duke of Gloucester, brother of King George III. He also was active as a concert artist. Returning to Forlì in 1780, he assisted his brother at the Cathedral. In 1782 he was made principal cellist at the Teatro dei Fiorentini in Naples. In 1787 he was named his brother’s successor as maestro di cappella at Forlì Cathedral. He wrote much chamber music, demonstrating a special flare for the cello, and also composed sacred works.

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