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Adam Air - History, Incidents and Accidents

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Founded in 2002 by Agung Laksano and Sandra Ang, Adam Air was an innovation in airlines. Agung Laksano was an Indonesian businessman as well as the speaker of the House of Representatives of Indonesia. After being established in 2003, it began operations with just two Boeing 737 aircrafts that it leased from the GE Commercial Aviation Services. Adam Air got its name from Adam Suherman, one of Ang’s sons. Adam Air has been in negotiations with a number of private investors about the sale of one-fifth of the company to Qantas, and a bid to take over from the Texas Pacific Group. International interest has ended due to the crash of flight 574.

Incidents and Accidents

Several accidents occured in 2006. One plane skidded off of a runway. Two flew despite very serious malfunctions with the gears when protocol dictates that they should have made emergency landings. Adam Air has also had three very serious events that are outlined in the below paragraphs.

Adam Air Flight 782

In February of 2006, Adam Air Flight 782 lost its communications and navigational systems just after taking off on a flight from Jakarta to Makassar. The plane was then flown into an area off of the radar system and wasn’t heard from for several hours following. It made an emergency landing at the Tambolaka Airport. Although the pilot involved was fired, Adam Air had broken many safety regulations one of which was taking an aircraft into flight before it was given the proper inspection by aviation authorities.

Adam Air Flight 574

In February of 2007, Adam Air Flight 574 lost contact with air traffic controllers. The Aircraft which was a Boeing 737-400 is still missing as is its 96 passengers and 6 crew members. Parts of the aircraft were discovered several hundred miles offshore which led to speculation that the aircraft had crashed into the ocean. Flight debris was found, but was not brought in because of a dispute between Adam Air and the Government of Indonesia who fought over who should pay to clean up the crash.

Adam Air Flight 172

Also in February of 2007, Adam Air Flight 172 lost contact with Adam Air Flight 172. The Aircraft, a Boeing 737-300 aircraft, was flying from Jakarta to Surabaya had a difficult landing at the Juanda International Airport. The landing caused the plane to break and bend in the middle. Although there were no reports of serious injuries, the follow-up flights to the airport were diverted to other airports. Several Adam Air 737s are grounded and awaiting safety checks, but other planes are back in service. Vice President of Adam Air, Jusuf Kalla has said that all planes should be checked.

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