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Coates, Eric

orch london suite composer

Coates, Eric, English composer and violisi; b. Huck-nall, Nottinghamshire, Aug. 27, 1886; d. Chichester, Dec. 21, 1957. He took instruction at the Royal Academy of Music in London with Tertis (viola) and Corder (composition). He was a member of the Hambourg String Quartet, with which he made a tour of South Africa (1908); was first violisi in the Queen’s Hall Orch. in London (1912–19). In 1946 he visited the U.S., conducting radio performances of his works; in 1948 he toured in South America. A detailed account of his career appears in his autobiography Suite in Four Movements (London, 1953). As a composer, Coates specialized in semi- classical works for orch. His valse serenade Sleepy Lagoon (1930) attained enormous popularity all over the world, and was pubi in numerous arrangements. His London Suite (1933) was equally successful, its Knights-bridge movement becoming one of the most frequently played marches in England and elsewhere. He further wrote an orch. suite, 4 Centuries (1941), tracing typical historical forms and styles in four sections (Fugue, Pavane, Valse, and Jazz); 3 Elizabeths for Orch.; a great number of songs and instrumental pieces.

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