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Bass, G.H. and Company

style tradition shoes wore

Today, G.H. Bass is the largest seller of men’s and women’s casual shoes in the United States. When George Henry Bass started the company in 1876, he created a reputation which endured for more than a century. He constructed durable footwear in the finest shoemaking tradition. Among the devotees of craftsmanship was Charles Lindbergh, who wore Bass aviation boots on his first trans-Atlantic flight in 1927.

The company had existed for sixty years before it introduced its signature style, the Weejun, in 1936. College and high school students avidly wore the style, and they gave it the nickname “penny loafer” for the pennies they put in the slit at the vamp of the shoe. In the 1960s and 1980s, the style experienced skyrocketing sales, and it has remained a popular style since its introduction.

Since its purchase by Phillip-Van Heusen Corporation in 1982, the com- pany has maintained its tradition of producing classic, casual footwear including moccasins, bucks, and Weejuns. It has enjoyed recent success with its clogs and sandals. Its three flagship stores in Paramus, New Jersey; Skokie, Illinois; and Atlanta, Georgia; sell shoes, apparel, and accessories.

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about 7 years ago

My husband recently received a pair of bass shoes as a present. He loved the shoes. Problem is he wore them only 3 time and both soles in the front of the shoes just broke off the bottom. the number in the shoe is C35C6. these are his favorite shoes, but he can't wear them anymore. I'm sure they were quite expensive. My question is, since i don't have a receipt, could I get an address to send them back so that someone could take a look at these. we both have owned alot of Bass shoes and nothing like this has ever happened to any of them. Please advise.